Province of Spain – XXI Meeting of school leaders

Province of Spain – XXI Meeting of school leaders

On the 4th, 5th and 6th July, the XXI Meeting of Management Teams of the Province of Spain took place, organised by the Team of Titularity (Edt) and the Formation Team for the Gabrielist Shared Mission (MCG), in the school SG-Barcelona, which was attended by 65 people.

Following the Institutional Formation Plan for the leaders of our educational communities, the first two days were devoted to two co-operative seminars whose themes, adapted from those developed and carried out in the Province of France, were the following:

THEME 3: Ethical management of schools and the Montfortian-Gabrielist inspiration.

THEME 4: The leader as animator of the educational community. 

After the presentation of the topics, we were joined again by José Mª Bautista Guadalupe and Ana Isabel San José, directors of the Learningflow consultancy, specialised in educational counselling, who provided us with the tools and techniques necessary to update the intuitions of our founders and our tradition and to implement them in our centres.

The morning of the third day, like the previous year, was devoted to strengthening ties by sharing a visit to Saint Joseph’s College in Sant Sadurní d’Anoia, which forms part of the history of our Province, having been under the tutelage of the Brothers of Saint Gabriel from 1905 to 1979. The headmaster, Mr. Joan Amat, gave us a warm welcome and explained the evolution of the school from its beginnings, with the arrival of the Brothers, to the present day.

Afterwards we visited a nearby cellar, the Llopart cellars, where we were shown the process of making sparkling wine and tasted some of their best products.

With a meal at the SG school in Barcelona, we ended the training with an excellent evaluation by all the participants.

Formation Team for MCG

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