Province of Hyderabad – MGA activities

Province of Hyderabad – MGA activities


MGA Meeting

Montfort Gabrielite Associates meeting was held on 22nd July in our school the meeting began well with prayers and all the teachers and lay people were part of the meeting. The life of Montfort was introduced to all and his mission and charism was highlighted by the teacher. This meeting was very helpful for the MGA members to know about our society of Montfort Brothers of Saint Gabriel. AII the members were happy and cherished the joy of being a MGA members. 


MGA Prayer Service 

On the auspicious day of July 22, 2023, we came together as a united village to hold a heartfelt MGA Prayer service. The event was a true testament to the strength of our bonds and the diversity that enriches our village, Garratola. The devotion and enthusiasm displayed by everyone during the MGA prayer service truly warmed our hearts. The collective participation and shared prayers resonated with the core values that bind us as a community. It was a beautiful reminder of the power of unity and the significance of coming together to celebrate our shared faith.

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