Province of Spain-Training of Educational Mission Collaborators

Province of Spain-Training of Educational Mission Collaborators

In the Province of Spain, together with the educational course, we start the second training module for the employees, which lasts 8 hours. In this module we present the following contents in the four areas we are working on:   

PERSONAL GROWTHVocation. A personal call. Educator, a vocational profession based on trust. The irreplaceable role of the teacher, witness of a life open to others, to the world and to transcendence.
TRANSFORMATION OF THE WORLDGabrielists for Justice, Peace and Care for Creation. Foundations and actions in favour of Justice, Peace and Nature. The school, a community that humanises. Projects in solidarity with the vulnerable and with the planet.
CHRISTIAN SPIRITUALITYEl pueblo de Dios, el pueblo de Israel. La Biblia, narración de una experiencia de relación con Dios. Formas y géneros bíblicos. Autores. Ciencia y fe fe no se contradicen: origen del mundo y evolución. Significado del mito de la Creación: el paraíso como proyecto de la tierra que Dios quiere para nosotros.

The educational attitudes of our Montfortian Gabrielist traditions.

The family spirit as the founding axis of the Montfortian Gabrielist educational community.


Yesterday, our school San Gabriel-Barcelona completed this training, and our teachers appreciated it very positively for their enrichment as Montfortian Gabrielist educators. Partners in other schools are in the process of doing so and others will do so during the school year…..

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